Welcome to the GLW official website.  Our purpose is to find, produce and aggregate all the best resources we know of to aid you in your walk with God.  Below are many of the resources we have created, and in the “Evidence for Christianity” page, you will find many of the resources that have helped us come to a trust in the Bible as the word of God.

Feature Length Productions

Daniel Unsealed

History's response to Daniel 2. Feature length docco showing this history of the church from the Babylonian empire up to today and how that

Daniel Unsealed 2

Continuing the walk through Daniel, this covers Daniel 7 and reveals the antichrist power, and the effect that it has had on the world.

Road to Sinai - The Crossing

In This interview with the late great Lennart Moller, we learn the exact location where Moses crossed the red sea.

Road to Sinai - The Real Mt Sinai

In this enthralling interview, Dr Kim tells us of his exploits in the Sinai desert: his brushes with death, and the powerful hand of God showing him the way.

Ongoing Youtube Shows

Musical Memory Verses

The easy way to learn God's word. We have over 200 memory verses for you to learn.

Not Only Carrots Cooking Show

100% plant based cooking show to teach you to have enjoyable food that will keep you healthy (Cookbook now Free below)


We have of hundreds of sermons on the glw youtube channel, on controversial topics, and faith building topics

Audiobooks / Books

These are some audiobooks we have created over the years. We just finished the audiobook for Misunderstanding Modesty in 2023, and plan to do more in the coming years

Misunderstanding Modesty
By Leah Jones, narrated by Isabella Elva
Today women are constantly bombarded by fashion. Defining beauty and ‘perfection’ can be confusing and downright frustrating. How can we as Seventh-Day Adventists pinpoint how to dress for Jesus in a modern world? What does the Bible teach about modesty? What does Ellen White teach about modesty? It all boils down to one basic question, “Are we misunderstanding modesty?” From strictly following 1800s dress reform to discovering a fresh, modern Biblical perspective combined with a contemporary understanding of Ellen White’s comments on clothing, uncover what changed Leah’s mind and why she wears what she wears today.  

Buy paperback or Kindle From Amazon ($13.20AUD) – here

Listen to audiobook free (51 minutes) – here

No, We Don’t Only Eat Carrots! Plant-Based Food for Humans

Sick of bland, boring food?  Don’t have the time to come up with creative meal ideas? Then this cookbook is for you! 

No, We Don’t Only Eat Carrots! is packed full of 50+ delicious, plant-based recipes everyone will enjoy! 

Every recipe features a full-colour photograph and is not only healthy but vegan-friendly & easy-to-prepare.

Bright & colourful designs highlight helpful information including kilojoule (calorie) counts, preparation & cooking times, metric & imperial measurements, serving suggestions, handy tips & alternative ingredients. 

Plus over 40 of the recipes feature bonus Thermomix procedures! 

Yes, these meals actually have flavour! 100% guaranteed NOT gourmet!

Vegan and vegetarian-friendly!

Helpful icons for gluten-free, nut-free & soy-free recipes!

Omnivore-approved, bachelor-safe & budget-friendly!
Download free pdfepub
Buy the book online
($34.95AUD) – here


New Youtube Channel 2023

Hymn backings with lyrics for congregational singing (sample on the left).  For more check out our youtube channel: 

Advent Melodies
If you don’t find your favorite hymn, we are adding to the collection periodically.  Feel free to make requests.  From Jan 2024-March 2024 I will likely not be able to do much, but when I return I should be able to add your requests (request in the comments of the youtube videos)

Prophecy Speaks 
mp3 zip

Narrated by Laurens Pol

Very good book aimed at anyone who is skeptical of the bible or Christianity in general. This answers many common questions of skeptics in a form that is entertaining and engaging.

Past Present & Future in Biblical Prophecy
mp3 zip
Narrated by Roy Rich & Alexander Scorby (www.scourby.com)

This audiobook covers every major doctrine in a concise, bible only, fashion. Very easy to listen to, with one voice for the Author and another for the bible. A must read for anyone entering the faith, or thinking of doing so.

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness”

1 John 1:9 KJV