What We Believe

Below are many highly controversial topics, and I ask you to not only have an open mind, but also test all these conclusions against the Bible.  The goal is to continue growing this page over time.

Age of the Earth
We believe the earth is approximately 6000 years old, as per Ushers Chronology.  We accept there may be gaps, but nothing overly significant.  See “Is Genesis History” in Evidence for Christianity page

Shape of the Earth – Typically I wouldn’t mention this, however some have thought we believed in a flat earth!  Both Daniel Unsealed 1 & 2 depict the convention view of earth, which is what we believe.  We believe the earth is round, just as the many images from NASA and Space X have shown. 

That said, we believe the Bible is silent on the matter, and that it is impossible to form a conclusion either way from the Bible, however it is clear today the earth is round. I do not believe your belief in this has any impact on your salvation, hence it not being explicitly stated in the bible.  As a person who loves science I have often made the mistake of mocking those who take the opposing view, but I do not believe this is an appropriate way to treat brothers and sisters in Christ, regardless of emotion.

Evolution – While we do believe in natural selection and speciation, we do not believe this is the origin of life. Adaption was built into the original programming by God.  Minor speciation is possible, however creating completely unique creatures is not a part of the design

The Trinity – While I don’t necessarily like the term “trinity”, we believe in the father, the son and the holy spirit, and than these 3 are one, in the sense that they are in perfect unity.  I believe the bible is clear on this, however I do not believe it is something people need to be divided over.  There are many on either side of this argument that will be in heaven.  I take great issue with either side doubting that fact.  The Holy Spirit inspired the bible and was never to speak of himself, therefore, it should be apparent why He is rarely mentioned. Anything written about God is only going to be an analogy.  Just as it is impossible for a dog to understand physics, yet he can still catch a ball, we have no need or capacity to understand God, yet we can still interact with Him.

Hell / Immortality of the soul – This is a massive topic, however we believe that when people die, they sleep in the grave, and are raised at the end, either to be destroyed or for everlasting life.  We believe only those who have access to the tree of life can have immortality.

The Sabbath – We believe all 10 commandments mentioned in Exodus 20 were created for our benefit and our protection, including the 4th commandment which was made as a gift for man.  However, it is important to note that no one is saved by keeping the commandments.  Without the sacrifice of Christ to pay for our sins, we have no hope of salvation.  The biblical sabbath is from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday.

How are we saved?
Jesus, died to pay the price for our violation of the law.  “If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” 1 John 1:9.

Essentially, believe in God, and submit to the Holy Spirit working in your life. 

We hold the belief that baptism by immersion is an essential aspect of one’s spiritual journey with God. However, we also believe that before a person is baptized, they must possess a clear comprehension of the meaning of baptism and have reached a certain level of mental maturity to fully understand its significance.  This is not as much limited by age, but by maturity.

Should Women be ordained as Elders or Pastors
Again, this is a topic I usually wouldn’t worry about, however, there is so much confusion on the topic in churches today, I believe it is important to clarify where we stand on the issue. We believe the bible is very clear on this topic, and the answer is a clear no.  Women have many places in ministry, but like most men, God has not given them this work to do.  Biblically, this job has many very specific requirements due to the fact that it is a very spiritually dangerous job which should never be taken lightly.  Elders and Pastors who mislead the flock will be torn limb from limb at the last days.